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                                                           NEW- BillzTaDon - Keep Calm (Litt Or Nahh) Feat. Mel Smyth   (Official Music Video)                                               


             NEW- BillzTaDon - Im Up (Remix)                           NEW- BillzTaDon - Paradise (Remix)               NEW- BillzTaDon - No Haters (Marvel Avengers)         




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                                   NEW- BillzTaDon - Psycho (Thriller Park)                       NEW- BillzTaDon - Keep Calm (Litt Or Nahh) Feat. Mel Smyth                                                                                            






                                                                                                         NEW- BillzTaDon - Post To Be (Remix)                      



                                                         NEW- BillzTaDon - Revel Riddim                                   NEW- BillzTaDon- The Way (Remix)






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About BillzTaDon



Hailing out of Brooklyn, New York, Song Writer and Performing artist BillzTaDon, is an evolving talent ready to make his mark in the music Industry. Growing up in one of the most musically influential boroughs of New York City, the emerging talent was easily motivated successors Lil’ Kim, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, to name a few.

BillzTaDon, born Donnelly Antonie, describes his musical talent as “unpredictable.” As an independent artist, he works to cater to all audiences and broaden his horizons. “ I want everyone to relate to my music.” His “unoriginal and mixed” sounds has landed him placement on VH1, MTV, HOT97, Power 105 and New Stylish. The artist is known for putting his unique twist on artists songs, such his remix of Big Sean’s “ Paradise”, Omarion’s “Post to be” .Furthermore his work and ethic has not gone unnoticed, as he has received 3 offers from various record labels.

BillzTaDon prides himself not only on his work ethic and his ability to produce memorable work, but his appearance. The artist believes part of his success comes from his image. “”The image is what sells and I can agree it sells well.”

Motivated to succeed and provide for his family and close friends, BillzTaDon continues to create classic music and balance and access record deal offers. Audiences can too look out for a possible summer 2016 tour and party series hosted by the audience.

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